_____________¡VOTAR! / VOTE!_____________ _____Winx Club All: "Magical Story" Contest_____

_____________¡VOTAR! / VOTE!_____________ _____Winx Club All: "Magical Story" Contest_____
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Capítulos de la 3º temporada en Nick

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Winx Club: "The Perfect Dress: Valtor's Escape"
The Trix are at it again! They help Valtor escape and are breaking into the fairy world with an army of new minions!

Winx Club: "Andros In Danger: The Return Of The Trix"
The Trix are back with new evil powers! Can the Winx fight them off?

Winx Club: "Valtors Plan: Stella's Gone Green"
Stella's royal ball is ruined by an evil spell. Can the Winx help return the princess back to her former self?

Winx Club: "Stella's Truth: Finding The Mirror"
The Winx go on a dangerous mission to find the mirror of truth to break Stella's spell.

Winx Club: "Aisha's Dilemma: The Ultimate Sacrifice"
Aisha boldly rescues Tressa's mother and elevates to the status of Enchantix!

Winx Club: "Heroes Of The Past: Miss Faragonda's Secret"
Miss Faragonda reveals an important secret to Bloom about Valtor and her parents.

Winx Club: "Revenge: Saving Bloom"
The Winx go to Cloud Tower to try and stop Valtor, but when they get into an epic battle between good and evil their main goal is to save Bloom!

Winx Club: "Facing The Enemies: Finding Faragonda"
The Winx go on a dangerous mission to find Miss Faragonda.

Winx Club: "Dragon Quest: Bloom Finds Her Dragon"
Bloom is forced to find her inner dragon when Buddy is in trouble!

Winx Club: "Tecna's Sacrifice: Closing The Portal"
Tecna bravely risks her life to close the portal to the Omega Dimension.

Winx Club: "The Omega Mission: Finding Tecna"
The Winx go on a dangerous mission deep into the Omega dimension to save Tecna.

Winx Club: "Back To Solaria: Wedding Crashers"
Stella and the Winx come up with a crazy plan to sneak into Solaria and save the king!

Winx Club: "The Pixies Fight Back: Pixie Power"
The Pixies may be small but they know how to kick some Trix butt!

Winx Club: "Building Hope: A New Friend"
Bloom is saved by a new friend named Maia on Pyros.

Winx Club: "The Water Stars: Blooms Parents"
Bloom and the Winx are about to defeat Valtor when he reveals a major secret about Bloom's parents!

Winx Club: "Finding Your Way: Trix Up Your Sleeve"
The Trix attack the Winx while they are on a serious mission to get the water stars.

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