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New Season 8 pictures! ➤WINX COSMIX ➤Twinkly ➤New outfits artworks

At the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018, Rainbow showed prototypes of their upcoming cover books and activity magazines about Winx Club season 8. In one of the books the title is "Winx Cosmix". It has already been officially confirmed that COSMIX is the name of the new transformation of Winx season 8. The new yellow star-shaped creature is named Twinkly.
In the following images we can see different poses of Bloom, Flora, Stella and Aisha / Layla in their new Cosmix transformation and Twinkly. In addition, all Winx artworks with every day clothes and Bloom and Stella in different poses too. Thanks to AnneOfWinxClub, we can see photos of each of the covers. Enjoy!

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