Ancestral Witches

Three ancient witches who attacked Domino in an attempt to obtain the power of the Dragon Flame but were defeated by the Company of Light. However this destroyed Domino by freezing the whole planet, darkening it and petrified and imprisoned all of its inhabitants, including the king and queen of Domino, in the Obsidian Dimension along with the three witches themselves, whose bodies were consumed by the evil of Obsidian and became bodiless spirits. Some time earlier they tried to invade the Infinite Ocean but had to face the nymphs Daphne and Politea. However Politea betrayed Daphne and the witches cursed the Sirenix power that Daphne and Politea possessed, turning Daphne into a disembodied spirit and Politea into a monster. In "The Secret of the Lost Kingdom" the Ancestral Witches found out that the keeper of the Dragon Flame, Bloom, was still alive and used their servant Mandragora to lure her into Obsidian and kill her but were defeated thanks to Sky, Bloom and Daphne. This however freed the witches and with the help of the Trix they tried to destroy all good magic in the universe in Winx Club: Magical Adventure, but they were finally destroyed by a Believix convergence of the Winx Club.
In the French novel adaptation of the movie, the three evil spirits: Belladonna, who has power over ice; Lysslis, who has power over darkness; and Tharma, who has power over storms. It is hinted that they resemble the Trix witches of Icy, Darcy, and Stormy, respectively. It is rumored that they are the ancestors of the Trix.
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