Other than Princess Aisha and Prince Nabu, the following characters are from planet Andros.

King Teredor & Queen Niobe: Rulers of the lands of Andros and the parents of Princess Aisha. King Teredor is also the brother of King Neptune.

King Neptune & Queen Ligea: Mermen rulers of the seas of Andros. They are also parents of Crown Prince Nereus, Prince Tritannus and Princess Tressa. King Neptune is also the brother of King Teredor making him the uncle of Princess Aisha.

Crown Prince Nereus: Twin brother of Prince Tritannus. He is Aisha's cousin.

Princess Tressa: A mermaid and an ally to Winx. She is Aisha's cousin.

Anne: A childhood friend of Aisha. She appears in Aisha's flashbacks throughout Seasons 2 & 3. She is frequently mentioned by Aisha during Seasons 2,3 and 5.
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