Fairy pets

They first appear in the fourth season where they were originally soft toys from Earth brought to life by the Winx's magic.

Belle: Bloom's pet lamb, she has white fur, orange/yellow eyes, and green hair with two red bow ties on either side. She loves adventure and always tries to make fun out of everything.

Ginger: Stella's very pampered pet poodle, she loves new outfits or accessories, and is similar to Stella in terms of being more concerned about her appearance then much anything else. Like Milly, she usually fights for Kiko's attention. Ginger is shown to also be very lively.

Coco: Flora's pet kitten, she shares Flora's love of plants and flowers, and loves to cuddle with those around her, no matter their alignment or personality.

Pepe: Musa's pet teddy bear, he is small, with brown fur, large purple or light green eyes. Pepe loves to dance, but sometimes eats a little too much.

Chicko: Tecna's pet duckling, she is small, with yellow feathers, orange eyes, and a small hairband on top of her head that ties together three little hairs. She is very into video games and technology just like Tecna, but also loves to play and is very lively.

Milly: Aisha's pet bunny, with white fur, blue eyes, and light pink hair. She wears two orange hair ties with yellow flowers on her ears. She enjoys working out and fights for the attention of Kiko.
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