Legendarium World

Doorway to the Worlds
A giant structure in the Legendarium world, which tells the Winx to find the Fantasy Emerald and Silver Spear in order to forge the key to lock the Legendarium. According to Eldora's research, it is considered to be the keeper of all knowledge.

The most cunning, stubborn, and brilliant dwarf. He lives in the clearing of Alfea. He is also very tricky but follows the agreements he makes with others. Due to being exposed in Alfea, he had learnt powerful enchantments when he lived there. Based in part on Rumpelstiltskin from German folklore.

Vampires of the night 
These are normal vampires as they possses powers to control the minds of others and the power to steal any form of magic/basic energy to make them more powerful than the sun. They were defeated by Stella after all her friends were caputured by them by using pure sunlight to eradicate them.
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