The Red Fountain School of Specialists is a school in Magix that trains the male populace in various abilities. Its attendees are known...

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Red Fountain

The Red Fountain School of Specialists is a school in Magix that trains the male populace in various abilities. Its attendees are known as Specialists, who end up serving on squads. They interact with the Winx and the other fairies at Magix.

Sky is introduced as the crown prince of Eraklyon. He has fair skin tone, deep sky blue eyes and longish golden blond hair but in season 4 he cut it to short ones, then in season 5 he left a long fringe. He and Bloom developed a romantic interest between each other throughout the series. He and Brandon are the strongest of the group and among the best students at Red Fountain. He is best friend with Brandon and is Bloom's official boyfriend also later became fiancé. In season 1, he pretended to be Brandon because Yoshinoya tried in the past to capture the prince & usurp the throne; this name-swapping caused an extreme amount of confusion and upset Stella and Bloom, as the boys they regretted so much that they had lied to them. When Lord Darkar possessed Bloom and turned her evil, his love for her returned her to herself. He was engaged to Princess Diaspro, but broke off the engagement because she was selfish and spoiled, and later had her banished for placing a love spell on him that almost made him kill Bloom but with Stella's fairy dust, he was freed from the spell. In Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, the first movie, he is crowned as the King of Eraklyon.

Brandon is Sky's squire. He has short brown hair with a long fringe, tan skin tone and brown eyes as well as best friend and also Stella's official boyfriend plus fiancé. He's the most outgoing of the boys and is very easy to get along with, but is also the first one to stand up for his friends. Despite his confidence, Brandon shows some insecurity about his position as Sky's squire because he does not believe it is compatible with Stella's position as a princess.

Riven has medium skin tone together with short, spiked, raspberry hair and violet eyes. A lone wolf, very competitive, really easy to get jealous but good at sports, he is also very stubborn. His mother left him at his birth and so he is wary of women in general. He is Musa's boyfriend and although the couple occasionally have some flaws in their relationship, it has been improving and blossoming by the end of the fourth season. At first, Riven had a connection with Cloud Tower because he was controlled under a spell which Darcy cast on him, until the witches realized they did not need him anymore and locked him up. (In the RAI version, he went over to the dark side as a spy willingly and while he was imprisoned, the witches used his guilt over what he had done to torture him – betraying his best friends and helping the Trix almost made him kill Musa.) Luckily, in both versions, he escaped and rejoined the good guys. His weapon of choice is either a reddish purple phantosaber or a meteor hammer. Riven was Musa's official boyfriend and was Nabu's best friend but is now Roy's best friend.

Timmy has medium skin tone, light brown-orange hair with a small fringe and wears glasses with his small hazel eyes. He comes from a family of reputed scientists from Magix. He loves technology, and flying ships from Red Fountain. His aptitude for technology makes him the perfect boyfriend for Tecna and he is also Helia's best friend. He is sweet but shy, even seeming cowardly at times. In Season 2, he is so bashful that it interferes with him telling Tecna how he feels about her. He is the least skilled of the Specialists in terms of combat but an expert when technological methods are required.

Helia is an artistic student, he is a great pilot and a pacifist. He is a nephew of the headmaster of Red Fountain, Saladin. Helia has long blue-black hair tied into a loose ponytail in the second and third season but cuts it to short spiky fringes in season 4, He has medium skin tone and light steel blue eyes. He is also very romantic and extremely shy about directly speaking about his feelings. He is very good at using his laser string glove and tries to help everyone with it. He came back for his second year at Red Fountain and joined Sky's squad. Helia is the oldest of all the boys because he would have been in his third year at the start of the 1st season if he had not dropped out to go to art school. Both Helia and Flora love nature and cannot bear to see someone harm it. Helia is best friend with Timmy and is Flora's official boyfriend. Flora was worried that he would leave her for Princess Krystal, but he assured her that he would love her and only her for as long as he lived.

Staff members include:

Professor Saladin: The headmaster of Red Fountain and Helia's Uncle. He is an old, very powerful wizard. It is revealed in season 3 that he, Faragonda and Griffin helped defend Domino against the Ancestral Witches.

Professor Codatorta: The vice-principal who serves as the Head of Discipline at Redfountain. Not much is known about him other than that he is very robust and active and that he was once a Templar of Roccaluce.

Athena: The guardian of Redfountain's Codex. She wears a Greek goddess dress because her name comes from the goddess of wisdom and battle in Greek mythology. Athena lives up to her name, she is not like the teachers at Red Fountain and rarely shows herself. She is one of the four powerful pixies in the realm of Magix.

Bishop: A specialist with a purple ponytail on top of his head. He has markings on his forehead.
Jared: A dark-haired specialist that has a crush on Musa in season two. Darcy uses him to sabotage the test the Winx take in the simulation lab. He and Musa end up as friends, but by the end of season two Jared is seen with a new love interest, a fairy named Alice.

Others include:

Nabu: (Season 3–4; recurring in 5): A wizard of nobility born in Andros the same planet Aisha is from. He was engaged to Aisha and secretly left his home planet under the identity of "Ophir" to discover who his would-be wife was and find out what she was truly like. The Winx and the Specialists thought that he was a spy for Valtor. He saved the team on multiple occasions and helped defeat Valtor. He gained Aisha's trust and love. He also joined the group on Earth in the fourth season. He used a magic staff as a weapon. Nabu had very long dark reddish brown hair, often braided or tied. Like Aisha, he also had African appearance, although his skin tone was fairer like light brown. Even though he was not a Specialist, he was a close friend of the Specialists and the Winx, certainly best friend of Riven. Nabu sacrificed himself to save the Earth fairy kingdom of Tir-Nan-Og. He later died in Season 4 while saving the Earth fairies from a trap laid by Ogron. He later appeared in the Season 5 Episode The Shimmering Shells, during Aisha's test of Self Confidence.

Roy: (Season 5–6): A new Specialist from Andros, who works for Aisha's father. Roy has short, spiky light blond colored hair with gray eyes and medium brown skin tone with African appearance. Like Nabu, Roy also has the ability to use magic. He is very helpful to the Winx because of his ability to fight underwater. He has a crush on Aisha secretly that seems to begin when they were at a party. He shows interest by wanting to cheer her up. Though Aisha was slow to show that she reciprocated his feelings, she openly shows these feelings by Season 6. Roy and Aisha are not officially dating. Later on in Season 6, he gains a rival for Aisha's affection in one of the Paladins.


Prince Thoren: Sky's cousin, though they have a grudge against each other. He has medium skin tone, wavy up-folded brown hair and light green eyes. He grows close to Daphne and even started dating her, and eventually later was married to her. His weapon is the Earthquake Hammer.

Nex: A friend of Thoren. He has medium skin tone, gray hair and light brown eyes. He and Aisha start to feel attracted to each other in Season 6. His weapon is the Halberd of the Wind.