The main villain in season 6. She is from Earth and is a freshman at Cloud Tower. She owns a magical book called the Legendarium that has the power to make legends come to life. She is quite protective of the Legendarium and will go to any means to make sure that is safe and does not fall into anyone else's hands. In reality, she was willingly working for and obeying the orders of a sorcerer named Acheron, who was sealed within the Legendarium and who she promised to release in return for extraordinarily strong powers, and knowledge on how to harness all of the evil powers of the Legendarium to their maximum potential. She was revealed to be a childhood friend of Bloom's, long before she and Bloom, had found out she was a fairy and they both lived in Gardenia as "ordinary girls".
Selina Selina Reviewed by Winx Club All on May 18, 2000 Rating: 5
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