¡Nuevas fotos muñecas Winx Club Bloomix de Jakks Pacific!

Cada muñeca vale $19,99
Gracias por las fotos a WinxWarrior14

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  1. hello i'm winxwarrior14 this dolls coast 19'99 dollars i'm so very fan of winx club my favourite winx has bloom and tecna and i love jakks pacific doll winx club thanks so very much winx club all with your credits of my images bye bye

    1. Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures! I love this dolls
      It would be great if you did photos with white background to see the wings better.

  2. olle subiras imagenes de la transformacion Mythix en HD asi como haces siempre. Oh imagenes de los capitulos en ingles porfavor

  3. winx club all your include in the images this price of dolls im so happy with my information in your blog what's is your favourite winx my favourite winx's are bloom tecna and stella yo se are my friend contest pliss

  4. Me encantan!<3 son preciosas, mis favoritas son Bloom y Flora!Cuál es tu favorita de estas muñecas,Daphne?