Nombre: Viktória Eclipse  -He was a beautiful sunny day. Winx Bloom and others were walking on the school yard at Alfea. However,...

19º Participante concurso Winx Club All: "Magical Story" 19º Participante concurso Winx Club All: "Magical Story"

19º Participante concurso Winx Club All: "Magical Story"

19º Participante concurso Winx Club All: "Magical Story"

19º Participante concurso Winx Club All: "Magical Story"

Nombre: Viktória


-He was a beautiful sunny day. Winx Bloom and others were walking on the school yard at Alfea. However, in addition to Stella. The book the room ventilated entire wardrobe. 

Aisha: She would come for us but I do not see it here. 

-Say nervously Aisha. It's been a lot of hours but Stella still not come. 

Aisha: And I've had enough, I'm leaving. 

Flora: No, we should wait it out. 

Aisha: If it had cared so we could at least call. 

-In The Bloom's cell phone rang. 

Bloom: Stella? Yes ... we are waiting here but you do not have to worry about going back. 

Stella: Well ... well, I expect you. 

-Stella Eagerly looked on his clothes designed to sketch. Winx is already preparing to go back to the room, but then stopped. Sky frowned and everywhere reigned darkness. Winx looked at the sun but it was no longer there. Superimposed by month. Stella's immediately noticed and ran for my friends. 

Bloom: Who is responsible for eclipse? 

-Tecna Quickly seek answers to their magical phone. 

Tecna: It is not possible, it does not make sense. According to the coordinates, the eclipse should be up to 5 hours. 

-In That the sky appeared strange person. Once it was shown that it is a witch and has good intentions. Everywhere there was confusion. Stella arrived for my friends with all cried with one voice. 

Winx: Magic Winx Bloomix! 

-Fairies were transformatio and began the fight between good and evil. No but it still did not know what their powerful adversary. Mysterious person to use against nymphs very strong black magic. 

Stella: When the sun does not shine I'm weak. 

Flora: Do not worry Stella we can do it. 

Tecna: Harmony Blast! 

Bloom: Flame Storm! 

Aisha: Morphix Mega Wall! 

Flora: Chlorophyl Bolt! 

Musa: Infinite Echo 

-Cone flew from all sides, but no protivníčka be easily deflected. Powerful spells were heading straight for girls. 

Winx: Aaaa ... 

Stella: Winx! I have to do something, I can not just stand by. 

(Witch) Tara: Well, well. So fairy sun, and I'll handle this. Total Eclipse! 

-Bad Unknown person even more amplified the eclipse. 

Stella: It is indeed an eclipse but the sun is still in the sky. Light Spectrum! 

-Before Managed Fairy sun to attack an unknown person was gone and the eclipse is gone. 

Bloom: Stella you okay? 

Stella: Yes but we would go for Faragonda. 

Faragonda: I am afraid that we have in the way of another threat. Witch Tara. It is the sister Luna, the moon and the Queen Mother Stellino. 

Winx: What? 

Stella: It's not. 

Faragonda: Yes Stella and I am afraid that your mother is threatened. Tara she will want revenge for that month is the queen of her sister and not her. 

Tecna: So that's the problem. 

Flora: But Tara is very strong with Bloomix it can not be beat. 

Faragonda: And so your new conversion will Loomix. 

Faragonda: Loomix, the conversion is determined in the dark. You do not have dark magic but light. Slightly resembling Stella's on here. Well, however it's not the whole. You need to find a subject that activate. 

Tecna: What's the subject schoolmarm? 

Faragonda: Why, your ring Stella. Your scepter. 

-Winx Unanimously cried. 

Winx: What ?! 

Stella: That I though I for one another. 

-Happy Smiled. 

Faragonda: No, only if you have conversion Magic Winx. After other transformations Chramix, Enchantix ... is gone. 

Stella: It's funny, I did not even notice it. 

Bloom: If it do not stop the reign forever and ever eclipse the sun will not shine. All living things die. 

Flora: But how do we get it back? 

Faragonda: You return in time. Delve into the past and literally. The simulator can do more things, not only to move to another environment. 

-Winx Prepare for an important mission. They entered the simulator when they disappeared in the ground under their feet. 

Faragonda: Good luck Winx. 

-Girls appeared in Stella's room. But it was fitted as before when Stella was still a freshman. 

Bloom: We are in the past. 

Musa: Director saying that we can not see someone from the past. 

-Stella Past lying on the bed. Winx go behind the wall. 

Bloom: We must quickly take the scepter and disappear. Where to find Stella? 

Stella: In my chest with jewelery in bed. 

Aisha: Let's go, let's not waste time. 

-Aisha Slowly and quietly approached the bed. Stella past stood toward the window. Aisha had to do something fast that it nezbadala. It was, however, too late? 

Tecna: Aisha hide is fast! 

-It's Too late for it to be somewhere to hide. Stella was almost at her. 

Stella: Solaria mirror! 

-Stella Conjured a mirror in front of Aisha to her hide it. 

Stella from the past: What? Where does it come from the mirror? 

-Looked Was into it and completely forgot that he wants to go to the window. Than leaving them little time before Tara will come again, and to be able to take the scepter had to get through Stella past. 

Flora: Lotus flower. 

-Flora To sleep Stella flower. 

Flora: Quickly grab a scepter and go! 

-Aisha Quickly grabbed the ark and chose Stella's ring. Stella it blew up and quickly moved her and friends. 

Faragonda: You have done girls, I'm proud of you. 

-Winx were back in the simulator. Expect and immediately activated the scepter. The new force was within reach. 

Winx: Winx Loomix! 

-The eclipse was back. Also, the Winx Tara but be prepared for the battle between good and evil. 

Tara: So here I am back, as I promised. 

Bloom: But we are already prepared. 

Stella: The new force Loomix you beat him and save the sun! 

Musa: Are you ready? 

Flora: Clear. 

Winx: Winx magic unite! 

-Winx won and Tara had to put up with defeat. It was reported there, of which way to never get out.