Nombre: InabluMovies This story is about a new magical season of Winx Club, the 7th one!  I won’t show you how it starts nor how ...

32º Participante concurso Winx Club All: "Magical Story" 32º Participante concurso Winx Club All: "Magical Story"

32º Participante concurso Winx Club All: "Magical Story"

32º Participante concurso Winx Club All: "Magical Story"

32º Participante concurso Winx Club All: "Magical Story"

Nombre: InabluMovies

This story is about a new magical season of Winx Club, the 7th one! 

I won’t show you how it starts nor how it ends, this time we’ll start from the middle of the story. 

The Winx girls until now have faced different enemies, they all seem to have a strange animal body shape. They have searched through Tecna’s Technology, checked all the magical books thanks to the special access they have into Alfea’s bibliotheque, asked Daphne and all the teachers of magic but no one seems to know anything. The battle has been very difficult, every creature they fought with had a different power. Now, the Winx have decided to search in the Forest Of Hidden Magic for any information. Myabe, they will meet someone that can help them, maybe they will find a way to keep away those creatures, maybe. . . 

*The Winx are walking in the forest, the atmosphere is so mysterious and calm at the same time. . .* 

*Oh, and ofcourse! Stella Designed new clothes for em’!* 

Flora: I am very worried, I thought that the Mythix power was the most powerful one when it comes to magical creatures. 

Aisha: And the strangest thing is that no one knows anything about those creatures, even Daphne didn’t knew about their existence! I really hope we’ll find something here, we can’t fight forever. 

Bloom: We’ll search, we’ll never give up. Nothing has ever defeated us and nothing will. 

Hours have passed, almost one day went off and still nothing. It’s evening, you could notice a beautiful sunset which turned the sky into a pinkish color. Strange how they didn’t notice this change, maybe they were too tired. 

Stella: I am so tired and here it’s too hot! I saw a little lake down there, I’m going to wash my hands and face and why not, lay near the water. . .i need to go there. . . it’s so. .! 

Bloom: Stella wait! We’re going back to Alfea now, there’s no need to go there! 

Musa: The sleeping beauty is not hearing you Bloom, let’s follow her before she gets lost. 

While running behind Stella the Winx girls noticed that light was gettin’ lower and that strange fluorescent things were flying through the flowers and tree’s at a very high speed. 

Tecna: Um, have you noticed something weird in here too? Let’s get Stella and get out of here, it can be dangerous. 

Flora: Yeah! I’m feelin’ a bit anxious, do you feel this magical energy too? It’s everywhere around us and it’s gettin’ stronger. 

Musa: Stellaaa! Stellaaaa! Stop now, get back. 

Stella stops in front of a big lake and sits in a big rock. The Winx girls had a better view from there and just now they noticed the pinkish sunset. The strangest thing is that Stella’s eyes were surrounded by a pink light/sparkle. It seemed like she was hypnotized. She was staring at the lake and didn’t take her eyes off it, she was looking at it like she was sad or melanconic. Bloom with a magic healing move made her reason again even though it was hard. So, they came back at alfea, but nothing could take off that strange feeling they felt around em’. 

The next day they sent Stella to Alfea’s infirmary. She looked totally fine as always but she couldn’t give and explaining to what happened. She stand up on her feet to show everyone that she was feelin’ alright. In that moment, Flora noticed a little butterfly printed like a tattoo behind her neck. 

Bloom: How did that get there? 

Tecna: Don’t get so surprised, my scanner shows you have one on your leg . . . oh wait. . I have one too? Even you Flora. Musa, Aisha check your left and right arms ? I’m afraid we all have those marks, they are in different parts of the body but they all have the same size, shape and colour. 

Flora: Look! They have that strange pinkish colour and they are fluorescent, just like those fast-flying things yesterday. 

Musa: Tecna, can you descover anything else? 

Tecna: Nope, the only thing the scanner shows is the great level of energy they owe and. . . 

Someone hard footsteps didn’t let Tecna finish the sentence. It was Crystal! 

Crystal: Winx, help! The animal creatures are attacking us again! This time they are more than ever before and they are here in Alfea. Daphne thinks they are after you, first they follow you at Gardenia, then on your planets or anywhere you can be found at, this is no causality. 

Stella: Oh again those strange fluffly animals. Can’t someone just adopt them? 

They ran in the Alfea yard and tired to transform. 

All: Magic Winx, Mythix! . . . . .um what? . . . MAGIC WINX, MYTHIX!!!! 

Musa: It’s not working, what we’re gonna do? 

Bloom: We ain’t much help but let’s fight with what we can. 

While fighting Flora get’s attacked. One of those animals made a big scar on her leg. As soon as she started bleeding she noticed that the scar was getting healed very fast by itself. While this was happening all her body was surrounded by a fluorescent pink light. Then a lot of little butterflies started appearing with sparkles making her transform into a powerful fairy. . . 

Who could have ever thought that such a great power could be earned by causality? 

Or, causalities don’t exist. .? ;)

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