The World of Winx official "extended" trailer debuted at the Rainbow Booth in Licensing Expo 2016. You can see some screenshoots about the animation herehere and here.

World of Winx is being marketed as an Undercover / Spy / Superhero type style, as well as Comedy / Mystery / Detective Story, so licensees understand the concept or spin-off of the show, as it's not your typical magic fairy Winx season like the past 7 have been. 
- Target audience is 5 to 10 years.
- 2D (couture style) animation.
- 26 episodes of 24 minutes each:
13 episodes in October, November or December 2016
13 episodes in April, May or June 2017

Full Summary:

As talent scouts for WOW!, a talent show, the Winx are on Earth and they are busy to find boys and girls around the world, with a natural talent and a dream to achieve (in different fields, like singing, dance, information technology, music, art, and so on...).

This task is for them funny but hard as well, because when they move from one city to another, they have to be careful to hide their fairy identities in their most dangerous mission ever: catching the Talent Thief, a mysterious and powerful being that, for unknown reasons, has already kidnapped some talented guys. An it is going to do it again now.

The Winx have to act undercover finding and saving all the talents in danger... they will be in the middle of comical situations very often; investigation without drawing attention will bring the six girls to do so many different jobs (dog-sitters, journalists, waitresses, etc...) as long as they find the kidnappers' refuge: a mysterious and magical island.

This island is the mythical Neverland, ruled by a cruel queen, who once was a little fairy called Tinker Bell. Without her Peter Pan, grown-up and far away, the little fairy is grown-up as well now and is ready for her revenge, capturing the special guys of the whole world in order to create her own new court of Lost Boys...

There is a new transformation and it is officially called Dreamix! Here is the first look at the Dreamix transformation outfits! 

What is Dreamix?
Well remember back in season 4, the story arc had a theme to "believe", hense the Believix power. For World of Winx, the theme is "Dreams Come True", so logically thinking = Dreamix. 

- For example, one day you want to be a star with whatever talent you have, it's your goal, your passion, your "dream to achieve" and if you work hard at it and never give up, your dream can come true. Makes sense in the Winx Universe. So the Winx girls are talent scouts for a reality talent show... 

Michael has given me permission to spread in WinxClubAll his exclusive information about World of Winx.

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  1. me encanta esta nueva transformación♥♥♥ya la espero con ansias, me encanta!Dapne ya notaste que en el segundo link de las imagenes:
    en la que Bloom y Musa estan corriendo, Bloom tiene los ojos amarillos!!! o bueno eso es lo que creo... sera algun error??? dime que opinas

    1. No me habia dado cuenta pero supongo que sera un error

  2. Hola una pregunta todo es real esa transformación es oficial y ay algo que quiero saber las winx wow son para mayores de 12 eso es verdad

    1. Todo es oficial y la serie es de 5 a 10 años.

  3. Pero wow es para mayores de 12 o no


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