FIRST WORLDWIDE SHOW ➤ Winx Club Live: Magika!

Rainbow and Zen Tiger Live are presenting Winx Club Live: Magika, the first worldwide theatrical show based on the popular Winx Club brand.

Winx Club Live: Magika will see the characters enter the fantasy dimension of Magika. The show will include holograms, special-effects lighting, acrobatic dance numbers, magic tricks/illusions and luminescent costumes. The soundtrack comprises a number of Winx Club‘s greatest hits.
The debut and the following global tour will be announced in the near future.
Iginio Straffi, Rainbow’s founder and president, remarked: “This brand-new international production perfectly captures the sophisticated essence of Winx Club and brings the Winx Club live show experience to the top-quality level, with a powerful performance able to entertain not only children but also adults and families, getting audiences all around the world into the heart of the action and amazing them with a spectacular and unforgettable mix of acting and magic effects.”

Francesco Fiore, Zen Tiger Live’s managing director, added: “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to create a live show around the mighty Winx Club and form a great team with Rainbow. Magika will amaze audiences of all cultures and languages, [inviting] everyone into an enchanting dimension.”

FIRST WORLDWIDE SHOW ➤ Winx Club Live: Magika! FIRST WORLDWIDE SHOW ➤ Winx Club Live: Magika! Reviewed by Winx Club All on September 06, 2018 Rating: 5
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