INTERVIEW TO IGINIO STRAFFI ➤Winx Live action for adults? Season 8 news? & more

Recently BM Srl interviewed to Iginio Straffi. 
We're going to highlight the new information about Winx Club and new Rainbow Srl projects.

Iginio Straffi said...:
➣ "My vision was to make them (Winx Club) live the first 15 years and then consolidate a brand that would become a classic, and so it was."

➣ "We worked hard to avoid repetitions in the Winx Club saga."

➣ "We are currently producing the 8th series, which will be released for the 15 years of Winx."

➣ "With Netflix we are also working on a live action inspired by our magical fairies, with a series of a higher target of girls (15-30 years) than the core target of the animated series. With this new series we're going to address a target market of new fans."

➣ In de future: "... growing important markets such as Asia, South America, Brazil and Mexico."

➣ "Rainbow is expanding to offer content for children, families and adults, with new synergies and productions with an international design."

➣ "We are also developing a series of new genre for Rainbow, the world of thriller, thanks to the acquisition of Colorado Film Productions."

➣ "After the Italian success of the film "The Girl in the Fog" by Donato Carrisi, which was also sold internationally, we are working on a second film by the same author, "The Labyrinth Man"."

The complete interview you can read it below.


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