New Winx Season 8 BOOKS!! [Italy]

In September, a series of new stories inspired by the 8th Season will arrive: a new series of illustrated first readers, the perfect for the very young.
The first two titles will be "Happy Birthday, Winx Club!" and "A Magical Journey through the Stars".

Un Magico Viaggio tra le Stelle
A Magical Journey through the Stars

On sale in September

Guida al Magico Mondo delle Winx
Guide to Winx World

It's a guide book to the Winx World with lots of curiosities, tips and information about the series. It's perfect for readers of all ages - not just the young, but nostalgic older fans who will see this special book as a must-have.
On sale in July

New Winx Season 8 BOOKS!! [Italy] New Winx Season 8 BOOKS!! [Italy] Reviewed by Winx Club All on March 26, 2019 Rating: 5

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