Episode 1 - Night of the Stars
During the night of the shooting stars, the Winx meet Twinkly, a Lumen coming from space. The Winx save her from mysterious creatures called Staryummies, which attack Alfea, and help her recover her memory. Twinkly remembers her mission and offers to lead the Winx on her star, Lumenia, to meet Dorana, queen of all the stars...

Episode 2 - A Kingdom of Lumens
The Winx arrive on Lumenia with Twinkly. Here, Queen Dorana explains that the stars of the Magic Universe are in danger. While the Winx discover what drained one of Lumenia's rivers of light, Obscurum and the Staryummies attack the core of the star…

Episode 3 - Attack on the Core
Led by Obscurum, the Staryummies absorb all the light of Lumenia's core, plunging the star into darkness, but the Winx manage to rekindle it, thanks to their Cosmix power. Dorana gives a party in honor of the Winx. Meanwhile, the evil Valtor is preparing to attack Peripla, a starship that guides all the stars in their space travel...

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Episode 24 - Dyamond on Ice
The Winx discover that the seventh Prime Star is located on an icy and inhospitable planet: Dyamond. They promptly leave for Dyamond, where they come across a small white fox. But the Trix are also there, and Icy hides a secret about this planet. Sky, who followed the Winx on Dyamond, saves the fox, but when Icy discovers it, furious, she freezes him, causing him to fall into an icy lake...

Episode 25 - The White Fox
Icy has frozen Sky, dropping it into an icy lake from the top of a waterfall, so Bloom and the other Winx turn into Sirenix to save him. Icy finally finds herself face to face with the white fox, who is actually her sister Sapphire, once turned into a fox by a treacherous shaman. After saving her, Icy gets the seventh Prime Star, that of brotherly love. Back to Alfea, the Winx come up with a plan to enter Valtor's Palace and steal his Prime Stars...

Episode 26 - Written in the Stars
Helped by Alfea's teachers and the Specialists, the Winx manage to design a plan to sneak into Valtor's palace. The sorcerer turns into a winged monster and attacks the Specialists. Bloom manages to convince Icy to give the Winx the Prime Star of brotherly love. In this way, the Winx succeed in reforming the Wishing Star. The Star fulfills the Winx's desire to do the right thing and gives them new powers. The Winx defeat Valtor and make his palace disappear. Back to Alfea, the fairies celebrate victory with their friends, while the Wishing Star forms a new constellation in the sky, with their name.
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