The Winx Club is an international phenomenon. The animated series is fondly remembered by a grown-up, loyal fanbase. Netflix will release FATE: The Winx Saga, the newest instalment in the franchise.

Don't miss this bold new reinvention of the classic animated Winx Club series! It is a retelling of the first season packed with bonus scenes and character backstory not seen on the show

At the Alfea International School, students come from all over the Otherworld to train. To learn magic. To discover how to control their powers. Inside the school's castle, five students-complete strangers-are assigned as roommates:

Aisha is an athlete and a classic overachiever whose control over water is the envy of her fellow students.

Terra is an awkward do-gooder whose power over the natural world can overwhelm rivals unexpectedly.

Musa is an introvert who keeps to herself so her mind isn't overwhelmed by the emotions of those around her.

Stella is a princess - yes, a real princess - whose command over light inspires but also intimidates.

And then there's Bloom, the outsider, the girl from the human world whose power over fire almost destroyed her family.

These five teenagers want what every teenager wants . . . to figure out who they are. To make friends. To fit in at their new school. But when an ancient, long-vanquished evil suddenly resurfaces outside the castle walls, these five teenagers be forced to put their powers to the test. And they'll discover a secret so powerful, it will challenge everything they know about the Otherworld... and themselves.

NEW SYNOPSIS ''FATE: THE WINX SAGA'' NEW SYNOPSIS ''FATE: THE WINX SAGA'' Reviewed by Winx Club All on October 09, 2020 Rating: 5

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