The planet Domino (Sparks in the 4Kids version) that was the final resting place for the Great Dragon who created the Magic Dimension. Other than princesses Bloom and Daphne, the following characters are from Domino:

King Oritel and Queen Marion: The parents of Daphne and Bloom. They first appear in season 2, episode 9, in Bloom's dream. King Oritel has brown hair and Queen Marion has red hair like Bloom, though Marion's is extremely curly and her hair color is ligher then Bloom's. They are very powerful and a threat to Valtor. They are friends with Faragonda, Griffin and Saladin, who tried to help them in fighting off Valtor. In episode 24 of season 3, Bloom goes to Cloud Tower in search of the Three Ancestral Witches. They reveal to her that Valtor lied to her – her parents are not trapped within him, as he pretends they are, but that her parents are still alive in a place beyondmagical dimension's reach. It is revealed in the movie that King Oritel and Queen Marion are trapped in a dark realm called the Circle of Obsidian with the Three Ancient Witches themselves and an evil sorceress named Mandragora. After Bloom destroys Mandragora and the Obsidian dimension, Domino is revived, King Oritel and Queen Marion are freed, and happily reunited with their now grown up youngest daughter.

Lord Bartelby: Was the official scribe of King Oritel and wrote the Book of Fate for him. His spirit now resides in the book.

Peg: A female horse gifted to Bloom by her parents in movie "Winx Club 3D: Magical Adventure". She transforms into an Alicorn by eating the seedling on lost city of Havram, Eraklyon.
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