A list of the denizens from Earth where Bloom lived at the start of the series:

Mike: Bloom's adoptive father and a fireman. He constantly views Bloom as a little girl.

Vanessa: Bloom's adoptive mother, a florist and is very kind.

Mitzi: Bloom's former classmate and rival. She is a totally spoiled girl.

Macy: Mitzi's younger sister. Unlike Mitzi, she is a sweet person.

Jason Queen: A recording artist who discovers Musa's singing talent and decides to make her a pop star.

Andy: Bloom's ex-boyfriend from high school.

Klaus: (Rick in Nickelodeon's dub) Morgana's husband and Roxy's dad. He is from Earth and does not find out about Morgana's powers until later in the series.

Eldora: A fairy godmother and the guardian of the Legendarium, which is currently in Selina's possession. In her youth, she was an Alfea student and, after many travels across the magical universe, became the guardian of the lost Library of Alexandria where she had guarded the Legendarium. On meeting Selina she found that the young girl had great magical potential and decided to become a fairy godmother. However Selina's demeanour changed because of the Legendarium and she chose to become a witch instead of a fairy. Eldora now lives in Gardenia and flowers are her passion.

Lu Wei: The last dragon tamer from Earth. He lives in China.

Artu: Roxy's pet dog. Ivan Andreani voices Artu in the Italian version. Artu has pale brown fur and pitch-black eyes. Like Kiko, he displays an unusually high amount of intelligence for a dog, but only Roxy notices this.
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