The Kingdom of Downland

King Enervus: Amentia's father, he is very full of himself. He has a red vest, purple top, and is obese, as opposed to Amentia's being skinny. His crown is purple, and his loincloth is like Sponsus', but triangular. His sandals are short and gold. He has black hair in a bob and a goatee.

Queen Quoeda: Amentia's mother, she is firm, determined, and strict. She is depicted as obese, with short black and purple hair and blue eyes. Her shirt and necklace are like Amentia's, but sky blue. She has a gold skirt with blue fabric in the middle. Her sandals are like Amentia's and Sponsus'.

Princess Amentia: Tries to marry Brandon in the second season. She is an excellent warrior who will fight to the finish. She is obsessed with perfection and tidiness and is ruthless in pursuit of her goals and impolite in manner, much unlike a fairytale princess. She gets a bit nicer later on, and helps the Winx fight Lord Darkar. After being put under a spell by Amore, she marries Sponsus. Amentia has black hair down to her waist, large orange-brown eyes and medium skin. She wears either: a pink bandeau top, a long maroon skirt, a matching necklace and golden crown or a red dress with gold swirls, a silver pearl belt, and a red hood that becomes a cape. Both outfits have the same red strappy sandals.

Sponsus: Princess Amentia's loyal servant, who is deeply in love with her. He attempts to win her heart by bestowing gifts on her, but she does not return his affections until Amore sneaks one of her special flowers into Amentia's wedding bouquet during her attempted wedding to Brandon. Sponsus has red hair and blue eyes, and wears an orange loincloth and sandals and blue necklace and his hair is styled in a ponytail.
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