The Fortress of Light

Also known as Lake Roccaluce or Lightrock Monistary, it is shown to be located above the Lake Fortress of Light in non-space, the fortress is unreachable for almost anyone except for advanced magicians who can travel through dimensions. It is a temple high above the clouds on a huge and rocky mountain. After season one, the Trix are sent there for unleashing the Army of Darkness on Magix, but are broken out in the second season by Lord Darkar. At the end of season 3, they are captured by the Templars after working with Valtor and are sent to the Prison of Andros.

Templars of Roccaluce: Knight-monks who study Wu-Gong, an ancient martial art that makes them very highly qualified, magic-resistant warriors.

Lord of the Templars: The leader of the templars. He is the one who defeated Lord Darkar and sent him in a 17-year-long slumber after the destruction of Domino.

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