Fairy animals

Magical creatures to which the Winx become bonded in season 7.

Elas: A Unicorn who bonded with Bloom after she saved him when he was transformed into a horrible shape-shifting monster by drinking from a lake that was infected by Wild Magic in the episode 'The Unicorn's Secret'.

Shiny: A Golden Phoenix who bonded with Stella when she used her magic to break the mind control spell Brafilius put on her during the episode 'Winx Trapped!'.

Amarok: A Magiwolf who bonded with Flora when the mutant fungi plant threatened his pack on Lynphea during the episode 'Beware of the Wolf'.

Critty: A Quillcat who bonded with Musa when she saved her from Brafilius in the Middle Ages on Earth in the episode 'The Fairy Cat'.

Flitter: A Techsquirrel who bonded with Tecna after she saved the techno-magic core of Zenith in the episode 'A Fairy Animal for Tecna'.

Squonk: A Cry-Cry who bonded with Aisha back in the Prehistory of Magix during the episode 'A Friend from the Past'.
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