A Sirenix fairy and a nymph just like Daphne and was Daphne's best friend. Politea and Daphne fought against the Ancestral Witches to protect the Magic Dimension and the Infinite Ocean, but she betrayed Daphne to the Ancestral Witches and they placed a curse on Sirenix which turned Daphne into a bodiless spirit and Politea into a monster who lived in a cave in the Infinite Ocean. Darcy and Stormy stole Politea's Sirenix and she simply faded from reality when her Sirenix powers were drained.

She is the main antagonist of the movie, The Mystery of the Abyss, where she will make a pact with the Trix to free Tritannus and obtain a mystical pearl that will help them conquer the Infinite Ocean.
Politea Politea Reviewed by Winx Club All on May 18, 2000 Rating: 5
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