World of Winx Season 1 [2 DVD] Italian

Available in: Italy.
Format: DVD
Languages: Italian
Price: 12,99€

Release date: 14/09/2017

Le Winx tornano a Gardenia, città natale di Bloom, dove cominciano a lavorare come scopritrici di talenti, in un talent show chiamato WOW. In realtà il loro scopo è quello di salvare i ragazzi di tutto il mondo, da un misterioso ladro di talenti che dovrebbe essere Jim. Le sei fate devono tenere nascosta la loro vera identità e i loro poteri magici. In questo spin-off, le Winx ottengono una nuova trasformazione, chiamata Dreamix.

The Winx returns to Gardenia, Bloom's hometown, where they begin to work as talent discoverers, in a talent show called WOW. In fact their purpose is to save the kids from all over the world, from a mysterious thief of talents who should be Jim. The six fairies must conceal their true identity and their magical powers. In this spin-off, Winx gets a new transformation, called Dreamix.

World of Winx Season 1 [2 DVD] Italian World of Winx Season 1 [2 DVD] Italian Reviewed by Winx Club All on July 29, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. Germany will also have World of Winx DVDs but we don't have a release date. We still wait for the last part of season 7 and the complete box of season 7 😂😂

  2. Hi there. I wrote an mail to the publisher of the Winx DVDs and they wrote me back that the complete box is coming on 10/20/17, while the first volume of World of Winx containing 7 episodes is coming in November. Du bist bestimmt wie ich aus Deutschland, oder??


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